Maartje Dijkstra



Designer Maartje Dijkstra developed the therm -manual 3D printing; using a 3D printer pen as progressive tool to construct illustrative lines, structures and surfaces. A big inspiration within developing and creating these spherical and bold pieces are influences and details from the Baroque period, dead nature like ivory and dark, loud, melancholic music. These unique jewelry items are totally handcrafted, using light weight flexible 3D filament, printed in very special color combinations: black/holographic, apricot/black/gold, light apricot/white, black/ grey), black/gold and grey/gold. The pieces are designed into unique shapes and are build up out of traces of different structures like old baroque jewelry details and crystal, mirrored and holographic surfaces, that will break the light into different eagles when wearing it.

The items can be ordered in different sizes, also men. When ordered multiple times, they will always be different in detail, so always only 1 of each! When you purchase a jewelry piece you will get a special hand printed box with it.


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